Matthew 10:7-8

"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give."

Monday, August 30, 2010


You know what I realized today? The more you pursue the heart of God, the more you strive to be like Jesus (as much as humanly possible), the more time you spend in the Word, the more time you spend in prayer and the more you discipline yourself to be aware of the Lord every hour of the day, the STRANGER you become!! Bet you didn't expect to hear that from me today! Now you might be different, but that is what is happening to me. I probably come across as very peculiar to a lot of people in general. The crazy thing is, I don't really mind.

There was something that happened to my thinking several months ago when I read a verse in one of John's epistles. "He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked." (You have to love that King James, or in this case the New King James!) I read that and started questioning myself as to if I really did act like Jesus. I decided that sometimes I did and sometimes I didn't. Then I started thinking about Peter and Paul, the great apostles and how they ministered and lived. Talk about guys who probably came across as weird, these guys would have taken first place in the "strange" category. I mean can you imagine being in jail for donkey stealing and these guys next to you start rejoicing, singing and praising God? Can you imagine the other prisoners thinking, "Who are these guys?" What about men who were told by authorities to never speak or teach in the name of Jesus again, only to go to their friends and pray for boldness and then go out and do it all the more? Talk about putting a big target on your back. Now imagine shopping in the city and watching a homeless or crippled man approaching two men for money. Suddenly one of the two men, instead of reaching in his pocket for change, looks this guy in the eye and says, "We don't have any money, but what I do have I give you!" Can you imagine the shock of everyone to hear next, "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk?" Can you even imagine the boldness to command something like that? Well, I started asking myself why I've never been more like those guys. I mean I've read the Bible and I don't see anywhere where it says that the things that the apostles did were ever supposed to stop. So why did they? Jesus hasn't changed, so the logical explanation is that people did.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough I haven't stopped there. Recently I've been doing a lot of reading in the Old Testament, especially first and second Kings. I've read a lot about the "crazy" stuff that Elijah and Elisha did. I don't even know where to start with those guys. I think I'll leave that up to you. If you aren't familiar with Elijah and Elisha, you really need to do some reading on them. I've even found myself laughing out loud at a couple of the stories regarding Elisha, especially. I mean one time there were a bunch of "youths" harassing him and calling him "baldy", so he called out a couple of "she bears" to take care of them. How about being at work and having one of your tools (in this case the head of an ax) fall into a river and watching your boss make it float so that you can retrieve it. So much for taking the rest of the day off! One time some guys tried to bury another man in Elisha's grave and when the dead man touched Elisha's bones, he came back to life! I so want that to happen when I'm dead. Not to be the one to come back to this life, but to cause someone else to suddenly wake up and climb out of the grave. Can you imagine the look on the faces as guys are shoveling the dirt? They'd be so startled that they would be jumping in! Those guys just did a lot of great miracles, and one night last week as my wife and I were praying, I suddenly heard myself asking the Lord to give me the same spirit that Elijah and Elisha had. I mean, why not? God doesn't put a limit on what we are allowed to ask for, especially if it's for His glory. Now here is the really crazy part, I'm just dumb enough to believe God will give me some of that spirit.

So do I just wonder about this stuff or just talk about it, you might ask? Nope. I'm just strange enough that when I go out in public I look for opportunities to do some of this, so you probably want to go the other way should you see me coming!!!

Seriously, and because I'm feeling really goofy right now I had to say "seriously", I do believe we should act more like the leaders of the early church. I know that God is pouring out His spirit enough on us in order to bring about a return of more signs and wonders. I can think of dozens, if not hundreds of people that I know who believe the same thing. When I go out of the house now, I've learned to continually ask God to show me someone who needs an encouraging word or prayer. And you know what, God honors that. There was recently a stretch of three days in a row around Madison (where I live in Ohio) where the Lord stopped me in my tracks to go to someone and offer to pray with them. I won't be rude and God doesn't want us to be rude, so I won't push myself on anyone. If they look uncomfortable at all, I will just look at them with kindness, smile and let them know softly that I don't want to attract attention or cause embarrassment, so I promise to pray for them as I walk away. The Holy Spirit just isn't into the habit of wanting to embarrass people either, so if He nudges you to approach someone you can be pretty sure that they really need it, or will receive you well. Earlier this spring I was in a restaurant in Pennsylvania and the Lord told me some things about our waitress and how she had a hurting spirit. I knew that God wanted me to encourage her. So I approached her in gentleness and as I talked to her she confirmed everything the Lord had told me. I reassured her that God loved her heart and that He also had her back and would be looking out for her. Her response was, "I really needed to hear that today." Just last month I was in the same restaurant with my parents and this same waitress approached and said, "Weren't you the ones here on Mother's Day?" We told her we were and I asked how her summer was. The happiness that I felt inside when I heard her say, "It's going good and I have had some major changes in my life recently." I could tell you some other fun things that I've experienced, but we will save them for another time.

Why do I tell you this? To bring honor and glory to myself? God forbid. This is all about Him and His honor and glory. My friend, I tell you this because this is how we change the world. Well, we need to start with our hometown first, but it will and is spreading like fire. This is what it looks like when heaven invades earth. Instead of spending so much time bad mouthing what we don't like about people, our governments, or protesting things that go against our values, why don't we put that energy into changing lives in the name of Jesus and His love?

Maybe you don't feel comfortable doing this kind of stuff. There was a time when I would have been scared to death to even think about doing the things that I just described and don't think for one minute that I don't get nervous sometimes. I've learned though, that with Christ in me, He is the One who does it anyway. There are a lot of people who say that public acts like this are just not for them, but what they are really saying is, "I don't know how to do that and it kind of either scares me or makes me feel uncomfortable." Hey, there is no shame in that! God loves an honest heart and He can do a lot of things with a honest heart.

I can't think of one Christian, though, who isn't thrilled when they see their prayers being answered in amazing ways. As a beginning step, why don't you just start praying and asking God to help you to gain confidence and boldness. Then begin to look for a church or someplace that offers classes for the things that I'm talking about. It gives you a safe place to learn. It is becoming more and more common to be able to learn how to hear the voice of God, not only for yourself, but for others, too. There are gifts that God has given us that we already have inside of us that just need to be awakened and when they are that's when the fun really begins. Believe me, doing this stuff can be a whole lot of fun, too!!!!

I will admit that the more I fall in love with Jesus and want to be just like Him; the more I want the spirit of Elisha and the boldness of Peter, Paul and the gang, and to be used to bring about signs, wonders and miracles the more I'm beginning to realize.................I'm starting to do some really strange things! Regrets? NO Way! Bring it on, Lord, bring it on!

God's own peculiar people.

Peace out brothers and sisters!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Reason Behind the Blog

It is fairly late at night as I come here to simply say hello to you. I want you to know that you are the reason that this blog exists. You and God actually, because I discovered that this is a way that I can further honor and glorify Him in my life. God has also given me a heart that has a love for people that just seems to keep growing deeper and deeper. I want you to know that I am honored that you read this blog and do not take lightly that God holds me accountable to speak to you in truth and love. It is amazing that even though I can't see you right now how I sense this incredible connection with you and feel compelled to pray for you often.

Last night my wife and I went to what turned out to be an incredible night of worship at a church close to us, Gateway Church in Ashtabula, Ohio. As I was experiencing the incredible presence and explosive power of our Lord, I found myself praying intensely for the individuals who come by here from time to time. I asked God to show me all kinds of situations and scenarios in the many different lives that are represented, so that my prayers would be effective. God loves you with an everlasting love no matter where you are in relationship to Him. I especially want to bless and encourage any who would be facing a dark time in your life. Do not ever give up. God is with you. Sometimes it may not seem like it, but He will get you through this time. You are well worth His love and you matter not only to Him, but to me. Just make sure you never let go of God. I think about the story of when Jacob wrestled with the Lord and how he said, "I will not let you go unless you bless me." (Genesis 32: 26) May your determination be just as strong to never let go of the Lord when you need darkness to turn into light. SELAH

Tell me, do you know Jesus? I believe that many of us do. He is the light of the world, shows us the way to the Father and is the one who desires to one day bring us into life eternal. Even the toughest man on earth is no comparison to Him. Not even Chuck Norris! In fact with what I know about Chuck Norris he would tell you Jesus is the greatest man who ever lived, God's beloved Son and the only Savior that this world can count on. He is the way, the truth and the life. So often we are reminded of the images of Jesus being beaten, bloodied and the brutal death that He died on that cross for you and me and it is right that we should remember. You and I deserved death. Instead He gave us life. There is another side of Jesus that I want us to be reminded of, though. It is the one of a glorious king. A king that will one day cause this entire world to shake at His appearing. We've all seen scenes from movies, or have pictures in our minds as to what a great kingdom and a glorious king look like. As fantastic as that scene in your mind may be right now, it isn't even a fraction of the glory of King Jesus and the fullness of His kingdom.

One other thing I want to say right now. Together, you and I, the ones behind this blog, WILL become a force in this world. We will take our cities by storm in the name of Christ. We belong to the King, we are His ambassadors and together we will present His love and light into the darkest places. People that never even give God a thought will suddenly say, "I want what they have. I need what they have." Let's bring peace and healing to the people around us. Together, we can even take it to the nations!

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!!!!

All For Jesus,
Mark S.

Angels Fall Down

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hopefully by now you have read "A Scripture for our Time?" part one. I did change the title, so don't let that throw you off, but if you didn't have a chance to read it, I hope you do. It really stresses the importance of ingraining God's word in such a way that we carry it with us 24 hours a day whether we have a Bible near us or not. It was a passage from the Word that got me really fired up to where I couldn't wait to write that last time, yet I never got around to it as my thoughts went in a different direction. Today I will finally have a chance to get to those specific verses and I will do so with great excitement.

First I want to extend a special greeting to those of you who are reading this blog from outside the United States. While I don't know your specific location, email or screen name, I can log on and see when someone from another country is here. Thank you! I want you to know that even though I don't know you, God does and I pray for you and your country often. You can see a little further down and on the right side of the post that I select a different country each week and ask everyone to pray for that country. If you get a chance, please let me know how well the language translation feature works for you. You can either email me, or send a private comment if you would like to do so.

Now finally to what has me so excited. Over the past 18 months or so there has been a lot of stirring going on with my spirit. People have often heard me say that there is a shaking going on in the earth AND there is a shaking going on in the Heavens at the same time, unlike any that this generation has experienced. I have had this sense that God has been trying to get us ready for a new saturation of His spirit. I believe He wants us to be better equipped and ready to bear witness of Him; to better minister to each other in the body of Christ. Not only that, but there are a lot of people in this world who are beginning to look for answers; who desperately are wondering what in the world is going on. It is up to the followers of Jesus to extend a hand of love and compassion like He did. Everyone sees that the earth is shaking. Devastating earthquakes which bring the threat of tsunamis have increased. Fires, tornadoes and food shortages are becoming more constant. People are scared of the next virus or flu epidemic, such as the bird and swine flues. Here in the states we experienced the oil spill and we have been feeling tremors and earthquakes in places where they were seldom if ever felt before. Now before you think that I am spilling gloom and doom all over the place, STOP that thought and stay with me.

I am not a gloom and doom guy. I am not that guy who will create panic by proclaiming, "The end is near! You better be ready because Christ is coming and the fires of judgment are upon us!"
I am so not that guy. There have been dozens of those guys for decades and I won't become one of them. I will say that I do strongly believe in my heart that we have finally reached the age to where we are seeing the BEGINNING pieces starting to fall into place that will usher in the fullness of the kingdom of God. finally is the passage of scripture that started a wild pounding in my heart. I know I had read this before, but this time it was like the first time and my spirit cried, "YES!!!!!!!"

First in the New King James from Hebrews 12:26-28:
; but now He has promised, saying, "Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven." Now this, "Yet once more" indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably, with reverence and godly fear.

And now in the New Living Translation: He makes another promise: "Once again I will shake not only the earth, but the heavens, also." This means that the things on earth will be shaken, so that only eternal things will be left. Since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be destroyed, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe.

Now that is exactly what I believe God has been wanting me to help people understand for the last 18 months. And I'm not the only one. There are a growing number of Jesus disciples that are bearing witness that a great awakening is soon upon us and that the power of God will once again be seen like this generation has not seen. This isn't a time for gloom. This is a time to get ready for an explosive outpouring of God and this is why I am so excited. I live in the United States, so I can relate to what I see here, but I have to believe it's beginning to happen in other countries as well. Believers in many cities are beginning to awaken from a deep sleep and a false sense of security. There is a new passion for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, arising in ways that will make a good and positive impact on this nation and the world around us. This could be the finest hour for the church to awaken and present the glory of God and His kingdom like never before. The things of the kingdom remain. Unshakable; unbreakable. In this, people will not find gloom and despair, but HOPE, FAITH AND LOVE. God's grace and promises will taste as sweet, even sweeter than honey to those who experience for the first time Jesus as the Messiah. He gives peace in a way that the world never could understand. Oh how I love Zechariah 12:10 which begins, "and I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication......." The excitement for our Jewish friends as one by one they experience Yeshua the Messiah. That scripture goes on to talk about the mourning that will follow because Jesus was rejected as the Messiah when He walked the earth, but oh the joy that will follow those of His chosen people, as the fullness of Christ is realized. For them God says He will, "bring that group through the fire and make them pure, just as gold and silver are refined and purified by fire. Then they will call on My name and I will answer them. I will say, 'these are my people' and they will say 'the LORD is our God.'"(Zechariah 13:9)

Yes, I do believe that we are being set up to prepare for the return of the Lord. I don't believe, though, that we will see the physical return of Christ in the next one, two, or even several years. The year 2012, predicted by some to be the end, will come and go. You and I will bring in 2013 with a smile. You see, there is too much living yet to do; too much proclaiming the Gospel that needs to be done; too many people that are lost that need to be found; too many people that need to experience their first miracle; too many opportunities await us to lay hands on the sick and to meet the needs of the poor. It IS time, however, to get outside of the four walls of the church and begin to live the Gospel the way that Peter, Paul, James and John and especially Jesus intended.

This is the way to live, beginning first with understanding of "how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him....."and then going to a new level in our faith by realizing that, "He who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk just as He walked." (Acts 10:38 and 1 John 2:6)

It's time to look in the mirror and see an ambassador of Christ looking back.


Running the race with you,
Mark S.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


So how are you these days? I hope this writing finds you well and enjoying life. There is nothing like it when everything is clicking and going well. A day could last forever and we wouldn't mind at all. Life is so much fun to live when things are going good. The opposite is true when things aren't well. Sometimes we can't wait for the day to end so that we can go to sleep and forget about it. Hoping that tomorrow brings something better. Maybe there will be, at the very least, a small miracle that will turn things around.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that you are well! Regardless of how you are doing though, there are some things that remain constant, one of which is God's word. I hope you are finding time for it. Often, when we don't spend enough time in God's word, that quite simply becomes one of the reasons why life will become more difficult. Before I get to the main point of my writing this morning, consider the words of Solomon. In Proverbs four, he instructs his son to pay attention to his words saying that if he does they will be "life to those who find them and health to all their flesh." The irony of that is if Solomon would have remembered his own words, ones that he learned from his father David and the ones he learned from the Lord, the days of his old age would not have become disastrous. He forgot about God and His words and suddenly Solomon's days became vanity to him. In that regard, I pray and plan on being wiser than Solomon. I am determined not to abandon the teachings of the ways of the Lord. May that be your determination as well!!

Now if Solomon said that his words were life and health, how much more important are the words of the Lord? Now, I realize that most of Solomon's words or teachings were God inspired anyway, but you get the point. In Deuteronomy six, Moses tells the children of Israel that God's words and commands are so important that they should be a part of their lives 24/7. God's word brings so much life and instruction that it needed to always be fresh on their minds and in ours as well. It doesn't matter if we are at work or relaxing at home, God's word needs to be absorbed into our very being. When that is the case the Lord has a way of getting us through the hard times (those times won't be nearly as difficult when we are saturated with God's word) and help us even figure out how to make good decisions in those times.

I should and will now refer you to something that I read yesterday that really drives a similar point home. When you read it you will indeed see the same theme. In fact, I am realizing that I haven't even touched yet on what is burning (and I mean seriously burning and pounding) on my heart which caused me to get up at 4:15 this morning to begin to write. In fact I am thinking now that I need to do this in two parts with the second part coming either tomorrow or the day after. Maybe God wants it that way, anyway. Maybe there is a need to ponder the importance of God's word and chew on that for a bit. Maybe the Lord wants to challenge us to think about the ratio of time we spend each day in His word and how when we spend quality time in His word it becomes written upon our hearts. When that happens we suddenly will have God's word in our lives 24/7, even able to take every thought captive. Especially thoughts that would want to take us down some sleazy, dark road. Roads that only lead to darkness and dead ends. No reason to even look down those roads. Just look ahead!! The road we are on now looks like it has been resurfaced and made new, anyway!! Now that's what I'm talking about................where is my wife's Mustang????!!!!!!! :)

Ok, I'm beginning to ramble, so here's the deal. Give your eyes a break and go get yourself a fresh cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage (non alcoholic preferably!) and relax for a minute. Then when you get back, there is a link that I want you to go to. The link is for another blog and the guy that wrote it knows his stuff, plus he is a wonderful brother in the Lord and a good friend. You can be sure he won't be taking you down any dead end roads. Here it is..

Oh and one last thing. Don't forget to watch in next day or two for what really has me fired up. You'll either think I'm crazy, fanatical, or just really out there somewhere, or maybe all of them combined. Or there is a chance that you might think, "Hum, this is making sense." We shall see.

In the meantime, I'll be thinking about you..................,
Mark S.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is the air I breathe
This is the air I breathe
Your Holy presence, living in me

This is my daily bread,
This is my daily bread,
Your very Word, spoken to me

And I, I'm desperate for You
And I, I'm lost without You

..............and the words that were penned by Marie Barnett are repeated again. A song that has been made famous by more than one and often sets the tone for a worship experience with God that becomes incredible. If you haven't heard it, you will have the chance to following this writing. I've even made sure that my children are well aware that beautiful worship song is to be included at my funeral service one day.

For those of us familiar with this anthem, we have probably heard it, or sang it countless times. Tonight (for it is night and all is quiet around me as I pour out my thoughts) I feel the Lord wanting us to be challenged by truthfulness. For often when we sing these words, we do mouth them with sincerity, but in reality we are singing a sincere fairytale. Think about some of those words. THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE. I'M LOST WITHOUT YOU. I'M DESPERATE FOR YOU. Is God as important to you as the air you breathe? Breath brings life and without it we can't live. Can you stop and think about that for one minute? I'm being serious.

I hope you stopped.

I have an admission to make to you. I've lived most of my life NOT being desperate for God, thankfully God's kindness kept teaching. If I had lived my life really desperate for God I wouldn't have spent so much time stressing about life's problems. How much wasted time there was stressing about finances, or lack of. How will these bills get paid? Sleepless nights with worry over how to pay for a vehicle that wasn't running. Less time would have been spent watching sports, television in general. When Kay and I had a bad argument, instead of driving around for hours or not talking, I would have gotten on my knees and said, "God help us. We need You right now. Come fix us." The time I would spend trying to justify myself in personality conflicts or trying to figure out on my own how to make my way through the pressures of job performance. The stresses that life brings in general. How about addictions? Believe me if I shared much more it would be way too much information. All of the things that I just mentioned were AFTER I developed a relationship with Jesus. Is that sad or what?

Those things sound familiar?

Those are things that push us down and keep us from our full potential. We give so much time to those things which is exactly what satan wants. They keep us from time with God. I decided awhile ago that I am finished with that way. I am not boasting and there is no pride in me with what I am about to say, but with my wife as my biggest witness here on this earth, Jesus has become the air I breathe. He is my source and my strength. He is more important than where I live, where I work or don't work. He is more important than the money I either have or don't have. He is above all relationships and He is life itself to me. Even if I forfeit my physical life, I gain eternity with Him.

Now let me tell you something else. Just because my relationship with the Lord has grown strong and deep, hasn't taken away all those issues of life. My closest friends could tell you that even this summer I have gone through some incredible times of faith testing where certain issues have tried to take me under. But they haven't and they won't. I have learned that when I feel the fire then it's time to drop to my knees and proclaim, "God I love You. No matter what I am facing, I will trust in You. My relationship with You will not be shaken. You are my Dad and I am your boy. I need Your strength. Provide. Keep my family close. You are my everlasting God. Release me from the heaviness of this thing that has come upon me." I've learned that when I am desperate for God and desperate enough to give that stuff to God, that life remains good. The freedom that God grants in those times is most amazing.

Why do I allow you to see into some of my personal life? It's to let you know that you are no different than me. I am no better than you. We share the same ability to either bless God, or curse God when bad stuff happens. I share personal things with you to encourage you. If you aren't desperate for God, if other things in life get more time than Him, begin to change. Even just little by little. One thing at a time. For I promise you, I promise you, I promise you; God wants to bless your life and take care of you in ways that you could never imagine. You may not see it overnight, or in a week, or maybe even over months, but you will see it begin to happen. Sometimes we need a little time to prove to ourselves and to even show the Lord that we are serious about changes.

Even though God deserves our adoration simply because He is God, He doesn't operate like that. He loves, He gives and He loves to be around us. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will quiet you with His love. (IF you let Him. That is the only condition) He will even dance with joy over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) When God sees someone with a heart who is loyal to Him, He WILL show Himself strong on their behalf. (2 Chronicles 16:9) God isn't in it just for Him, otherwise He wouldn't have created you! Do a Bible search using the phrase "love the Lord your God" and find the many benefits that are returned. It is incredible what God has planned for our lives when we seek and love Him first. You no longer need to carry the pressures of life. There is ONE who wants to carry them for you.

Now, if you are a brother or sister in Christ reading this and you know the unexplainable thrill of being desperate for God, what is there to be said other than, "WOW?" It is amazing. What a great, great adventure and that is an understatement. To you I encourage you to keep on keeping on. The ultimate Prize just keeps getting closer and closer and the privilege to do the stuff now and to walk in the kingdom of a King is incredible. Let's keep lifting each other up and if for any reason you feel you could stumble or get tired for awhile, let me know and I'll pray for you. That's what a brother is for! Together with Jesus we will carry on through!

Oh, and before you go, lets listen to Marie Barnett together and commit to living these words like never before. I'm desperate for You, I'm lost without You..................

(Don't forget, if the instrumental music is play, you will need to pause the mixpod on the right hand side of the screen.)

With a heart beating for God,
Mark S.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



Yesterday morning I went to the store to by a few groceries and while walking down the aisles a song began playing in my mind and I found myself softly singing it. The song begins, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom," and it is just filled with some wonderful, wonderful lyrics. There is one line that goes something like, "if you're tired and you're thirsty, there is freedom...." I will probably post a version by Jason Upton right after this in case you've never heard it and would like to. It is an incredible worship song which does a great job of speaking to the freedom that we have in the Lord and how healing often goes hand in hand with that freedom.

So anyway, I'm walking and watching people and gently mouthing the words to the song as I shop. I began thinking about how sweet it is when you are in a place that is filled with people that love Jesus and worship him in complete freedom. My mind immediately went back to a church service that I attended this summer where the worship of Jesus was so sweet that people were filling the front of the church while they worshiped. Some were kneeling or even laying face down while others were just standing in reverence. You could tell that some had gone to the front because they had broken hearts and just needed to experience the healing of the Lord. Many people began to go forward to pray with those hurting and to minister to them. I remember thinking that I was watching Heaven invading Earth.

So here I am putting cereal in the cart and thinking how nice it would be to linger in an environment like that again, when the Lord did His reminding. His spirit was so gentle in talking to mine...........


I try to remember to smile in public, but I began to smile even more. There is a word that has become a buzz word among us Cone heads (to borrow a phrase from my dear brother Todd R.) and that word is "leaking." (We'll talk about the cone head thing sometime again, but that is not for today!!!!!!!) The idea is that when you go to a store, restaurant, a ballgame, or wherever, and you are filled with the love of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that you just "leak" it out all over people and all over the place. I began to look at people more intently and gaze upon them. Sometimes God will tell me to go to someone and speak with them, or pray for them specifically, but yesterday morning I found myself just silently loving and praying for each person that passed me. I really smiled when there was one man who seemed to pause and look around as he passed as if he sensed something. As he turned the corner he turned his cart around and kind of glanced towards me. (I'm pretty sure I used deodorant yesterday morning, so I don't think it was because of anything like that!!) I could imagine the Holy Spirit had just "leaked" on this man and I asked God to bless his day as he moved on.

Where will you be going this week and into what places? Those sweet church services are really nice, but it's when we get out of the four walls where we can really shine for the kingdom. I close my eyes and hear those words......where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Let's go! It's time to give some of that freedom away. Somebody near you needs it!

Walking together in the Kingdom,
Mark S.

Jason Upton - Freedom Reigns [Live]