Matthew 10:7-8

"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give."

Thursday, February 12, 2015


A couple Friday night's ago our son Matthew developed a tooth ache.  It wasn't just one of those tooth aches that are annoying, but one of the throbbing variety.  I believe that most who read this can relate at least once to that kind of mouth pain.  I sure can.  Your not able to think straight and noises that usually go unnoticed suddenly seem amplified, and extremely irritating.  You get kind of short tempered and if you can sleep, your sleep doesn't last and you end up waking up to that throbbing pain.  I've found it interesting in my life that when this type of tooth ache occurs it always seems to be on the weekend when you can't call a dentist anyway.

That's exactly what happened to Matt and no matter the age of your kids you hate to see them in so much discomfort.  Even though Kay and I prayed for Matt, and there were times where it seemed as though peace would come and the ache would calm down, after a short period of time the pain would return.  The same thing happened at church.  He was prayed over, the pain subsided, but Sunday afternoon it returned and Matt went to bed.  We had even listened to some well meaning suggestions of home remedies; tried some, but nothing seemed to help.

Now for a little side-trip.  If you don't want to read this rabbit trail just skip past the italicized paragraphs and pick up from there.

For more than several years now I have come to the belief that it is never God's will for us to be sick, or in that kind of pain.  Sickness and death did not occur until after the fall of man.  We live in a fallen world so sometimes different attacks come to us, but by no means (in my opinion and personal study of the scriptures) does that mean that it is the will of God.  Jesus, the disciples and then apostles took authority over these things.  As I attempt to be more and more like them, I make every effort to do the same thing.  I have had some amazing things happen at times as I've prayed over people, especially children.  I had a pastor ask me several years ago, "When you pray for someone sick, why don't you pray 'if it be Your will,' heal them?"  My answer was that Jesus prayed that prayer one time and one time only and it was when He was facing the cross.  I don't see any other place where Jesus or the disciples prayed that way when they were praying for the sick.

Also, for more than a few years now, I have come to believe that God still desires to move and speak with us directly and often.  Many will say that since we have the written Word,  that God chooses to speak to us in that way, but not in the ways that He spoke with man under the old covenant (before Christ).  I can't find anything in scripture that teaches that, though.  Yes, God speaks to us through the Word, but He will speak to us directly as well.  We are under a better covenant than Moses had, so I believe we can hear God speak to us both ways.

I am compassionate and yes I do realize that people die of sickness everyday.  That still doesn't mean it is God's will.  There was a man not long ago that lost a child unexpectedly to death and even in his pain he said that he knew that God accepted his child into heaven, but God didn't "take"or "cause" his child's death.

Why did I feel the sudden need to seemingly go down that rabbit trail?  I think so that you can better understand where I am coming from, especially if you are a newer reader to my blog, but also to explain why I shouldn't have been surprised at what happened in our home that Sunday afternoon.

I think it was a hockey game that I was watching, but I suddenly just had the desire to shut off the television and spend some time with the Bible.  I found myself reading from Zechariah and drawing some really good stuff from it.  I was really into chapters 3 and 4.  It happened around the time that I had read Zechariah 4:6, "Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, says the Lord of hosts."  I attempted to read on, but it was within seconds after reading that verse that I felt something move in our house.  I don't know how else to explain it, but I literally felt a movement.  It was like something in the house shifted and I thought to myself, "the spirit of the Lord." The only tangible way I can think to describe it was that it was like when we are having a beautiful, sunny day.  Yet it's a day when rain is predicted.  Suddenly that moment comes when you can almost feel a change or shift in the atmosphere, and you begin to see the leaves on the trees blowing in a different direction and you know that change is coming.  It was kind of like that, but more intense and a whole lot more amazing.  I just knew that something within the spiritual realm in our house had moved.  I love experiencing a bit of heaven here on earth.

Within minutes, Matthew came walking down the hall, looked and me and smiled and said, "My mouth feels great."  He began to eat and drink and even though I asked him hesitantly if there was any pain he said no.  That afternoon we truly experienced a personalized "home remedy" that you won't find in the medical books.

I really don't think it mattered if it was a tooth ache, the flu, or something much more serious, I believe that on that day this was how God chose to bring a spirit of healing into our home.  It was something I'll never forget.

A good while back I once asked a friend if when he was praying for someone sick if he always prayed for healing.  He told me something that I never forgot.   He told me that he often prayed that God would help the individual get to the point to where they could "receive" their healing.  I thought that was wisdom.  I think the same applies to us when we are having a difficult time, or experiencing a trial of some sort.  Maybe we just aren't in that right or good place, either with ourselves or in relationship to God, to where we are ready for that delivering moment.  I do believe with all my heart that it is God's desire for us to get there so that He can miraculously heal, deliver, or work in some other amazing way.  The more I study the scriptures for myself, the more convinced I am.

So take heart today!  I guess I just want to encourage you that if you are struggling with something, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental that God does want you whole.  Sometimes if the deliverance or healing doesn't seem to come right away, a well meaning friend might say that it wasn't or isn't God's will.  Maybe you are the one thinking that.    Don't go with that!  Just keep knocking and tapping at the Lord's heart.  Let Him show you where to tap.  You may think the answer will come a certain way, but don't be surprised if God takes you to it in a much different way.
God has a bunch of home remedies and His always work.

I would also like to recommend a book to you that is full of really good home remedies that do work.  Make sure you pick up a copy and read through it.  It's called the Bible.  It's also great for the soul!!

Love, blessings and all for Jesus,
Mark S.