Matthew 10:7-8

"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Ponderings

For some reason I find myself in a very serious, somber place tonight. It's been a good day (Father's Day), but I think because of Father's Day I now find myself in this place. I have thought a lot today about how I desire for my children to love me as much as I do them . As a father, especially for those of us who have tried to allow God to help us grow into becoming a really good father, you just know you will always have this unconditional love for your children, even though there might be times when they bring hurt or pain into your life. Your love for them will never die. You will love them to the end, no matter what. And what dad or parent is there that does not desire for those affections to be returned? To know that your children will love you at any cost; would have the resolve to say, "That is my dad (or mom) and I will have his back and stand with him no matter what!" Even if there would be times of uncertainty or stress. It is certainly not selfish to desire that your children would think about you during the day and at night, as you do them. To know that they would pray for you and desire to bless you, as you do them. To know that your children's heart, would desire the affections of his or her father, as you desire their affections. A relationship like that is one that most dad's would die for and to not have a relationship like that causes brokenness and heartache. Should you be a dad or mom reading this, I pray that you have not experienced that brokenness, but in reality many of us truly have. Even if only for a period.

Many of you have guessed by now as to where my thoughts and heart suddenly have turned. If I feel this strongly about the affections of my children; what about God? This is His 'Dad's Day," too. This most perfect Father (more and more I think of Him as Papa) who loves me with so much resolve that the shadow of a cross will always remain. That unbelievable pain that He allowed for Himself, just so He could keep on loving me; saving me by grace. I desire the affections of my children. It brings tears to my eyes in knowing that over my 48 years how many times I must have broken my PAPA's heart by not being faithful or loyal to Him; giving things in this world priority over Him. Turning my affections elsewhere.

But you know what? My PAPA knows that I am sorry for those times and my heart became broken for Him, because of those times. I have chosen in my heart to resolve that those times will be no more. Tonight I love how the Lord challenges me through the reading of His word to stand firm for Him and with Him. To have a flint like steadfastness, that as the world vies for my time, that my affections will remain faithful and loyal to my Papa. The passion to spend more time in His presence; in His word and in prayer now burns in my heart and I pray it does yours, too.

As I close, let me share a great mystery that I have learned. Even though I desire to be in the Father's presence for no other reason other than that He is worthy; my Papa is not selfish. The more I seek Him, the more I find Him. The more I desire Him, the more He guides me through difficult days. The more I press into Him, the more he allows me to witness His awesome power and even the miraculous. The more I love Him, the more He blesses and gives me strength and is transforming me more and more into the image of His son, Jesus. Why is He like that? Why does He treat me with such kindness? Because, He is THE ultimate Father. He is a father who desires to give good things and perfect gifts to me and to you; and He always has my back and your back for keeps! After all..........that's what good fathers do!

Rest in His peace and in His love, my friend.

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