Matthew 10:7-8

"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give."

Thursday, November 14, 2013


One year ago yesterday our grand daughter Audrey was born.  That night as I was playing praise and worship videos there was one in particular that the Lord spoke to me about.  The Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit and in a way that only He could, downloaded to me as to how the message within "The Anthem" spoke prophetic words over our new little baby.  I often wonder what in the world God has planned for Audrey that will impact many lives one day.  I can't fully explain how I know this, but yesterday as she turned one the number 26 kept coming to me.  I believe that somehow that number is associated with an event or time in Audrey's life.  Nothing it clear about this, but it sure has me pondering and wondering.  It's been pretty sweet for me, because over the last year I have sensed the Lord telling me that He actually has some pretty unique plans for our two grandson's also, which makes me really wonder if during the adult years of our grandchildren if that will be the time where the ground is going to be made completely ready for the immediate return of Jesus.  Remember, these are just my ponderings.  I'm not trying to say, "Thus sayeth the Lord," but I do think about it and realize how quickly 20 (or maybe 26) years will be here.  Not a lot of time.

Think about this.  What if God has chosen us to be the ones to train up the generation which will be the generation that see's the second coming of the Lord?  That would be some destiny for us AND them.  Just thinking out loud.

At the same time that God gave me this promise for Audrey though, I knew that He wanted me to push the message of that song out to many.  God wanting to begin to alert that we were on the threshhold of a new season as He would freshly pour out His spirit on many unsuspecting people.  Being ready to minister to them and to be able to handle spiritual warfare is something that we need to be prepared for.  There is a nation, a world, that needs shaking.  So close to a year ago, I posted the video on this blog and encouraged everyone to really listen to the message.

Yesterday morning as I began my day at work, I started to think about it being Audrey's birthday and that's when God reminded me of this song once again.  Once again God is wanting me to remind you of this message as well.  However this time, I believe God is saying that things in the spiritual realm have been accelerated at what would seem like an alarming pace for us to grasp.  The song starts out, "I can hear the footsteps of my King, I can hear His heartbeat beckoning."  There's a difference to when you first start to hear footsteps in the distance and when they suddenly are right behind you.  The footsteps are much louder now.  Those footsteps are immediately upon us.    Brother...........Sister; it's time to move.  It's time to be aligned with God and do everything we can to keep up with the "footsteps" of Jesus.  Revival will come quickly.

A year ago God was speaking to our little Audrey telling her to "wake up child, it's your turn to shine.................."  At the same time God is telling a sleeping giant, the church and body of Christ, to wake up for we also were born for such a time as this.

World events.  Watch them unfold with eyes wide open.  Special things were spoken to the prophets of old.  Many of these things are being brought to light for us today, but unlike the prophets, we have the knowledge of Jesus and salvation that He brought to earth.  Even the prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah longed to see such days.

As always, pray into what I have spoken this day.  This is what I believe I am hearing from the Lord.  I try to be sensitive before I speak and want to represent Him well, but it's your job to seek Him for confirmation and substance of these things.  I will never be so arrogant to believe that I am the only one who hears in an accurate way from the Lord.  What is He saying to you in this song?

And now as I posted this almost one year ago today, it's time for Jake Hamilton's "The Anthem."

I love you guys,
Mark S.


  1. I have always felt this about Isaac. Jess heard God speak to her while she was pregnant and I was laying hands on her tummy. The Lord named that little boy and I feel like He has a special plan for him too. :) It is a new generation of warriors for God and I hope to see them into the future and be of witness of theirs.

    1. Amen, Ginger. I love the thought that our ceiling will be their floor. May it be so!