Matthew 10:7-8

"And as you go, preach, saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give."

Sunday, July 10, 2011


‎"Madison the warrior will unravel mysteries and become a place of safety. It will have disproportionate influence, especially in government. Lighthouses and light-keepers will emerge like fireflies in the night. They will confuse the throngs of hell and erect a cover of safety and peace."----(from a prophetic declaration given by Pastor Steve Witt, Bethel Cleveland, Sunday, June 5, 2011

Since I first wrote about the dream that I will be referencing back in September of 2010, I believe that the above declaration by Pastor Steve has added some confirmation. The first being that this was a dream about where I live, Madison, Ohio. Several months ago I was driving parallel to a field on rt. 528 just inside the Madison Village limits, when I had a pretty strong sense come over me that this was the exact location of where I was in the dream. I have since been told that there had been some pretty significant words spoken about that general area in recent years. Also, little by little I believe God has been revealing to me what some of the images represented in my dream, such as the woman who was weeping and the ministering spirits that I saw.

(If you do not live in northeast, Ohio, I encourage you to continue reading anyway. God is going to do and wants to do similar things in other areas of this country and around the world. Wilmington, North Carolina and Colorado Springs, ready! Those are just two of many.)

Earlier this week (it's amazing of the places where God will suddenly choose to show up, or speak to us) as I was in the shower God clearly reminded me of the above prophetic declaration by Pastor Steve. Then the words, "your dream" pierced through my spirit and I knew that God was letting me know that if I needed more confirmation about that dream being of Him, that I now had it and to never doubt again. As I re-read my dream, it left me almost in a trance when I saw how how Steve's words and the dream seemed to confirm each other.

There is no doubt that this dream took place in Madison, Ohio. Then today in church I learned that more recent prophetic words have been spoken again over Madison and all areas within a 107 mile radius of Madison will fall under this mighty act of God's grace.

I also find a pretty strong connection between this and the very first dream I had where Madison was specifically targeted. I will include the link to that first dream as well.


It was in late May of 2010 when I had that first dream of eagles landing in Madison, but God did not allow me to openly share it until September of last year. I encourage you to come back and click on the above link when everything is quiet and read it also. I have since had a third dream about Madison which concerns a future event, but have not felt released to share it with anyone but Kay. I am also still trying to discern the full meaning of it myself.

I do not believe it is coincidence that since these dreams occurred and other words were spoken, Madison now has it's own brand new emergency room. I believe that this is something physical and in the natural that is symbolic of the healing, safety and other spiritual moves that will be seen. There have also been a new business come to Madison within the last several months and I would not be surprised if there will be more. Churches in the area need to have "all hands on deck" as the Spirit begins to draw more people to this area. Church leaders need to be ready to adapt to what God's spirit wants to do. For those not willing to adapt........

I've decided not to re-post the entire dream here. I will instead just give you the link. I want you to be able to read through it slowly and ask the Holy Spirit for discernment. When you are finished reading it, go back and read that prophetic declaration by Steve Witt. The movie is about to be released. The previews have already been shown. Here you go:


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